PT. Sumberdaya Dian Mandiri is a human resource management service company. Supported by professionals and experienced practitioners, we have more than 10 years experience in handling industrial relation and manpower cases. Our head office is located in Jakarta and we have some branch/ representative offices in Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Padang, Batam, and Bintan.

Human Resources Management

Established in 1999, PT. Sumberdaya Dian Mandiri focuses on human resource management service, which provides applied psychological services. Executive Search, Recruitment, Psychological Assessment

Division (ERP), which consists of applied psychology practitioners, provides psychological assessment service for companies and industrial society. Our mission is to give contribution for human resource work performance quality through optimize the implementation of psychology.

Psychological assessment, which well known as Psychological test, is effective and efficient way for the companies to get comprehensive description about someone s personalities as reference to recruit right persons for certain position in organization or company. Psychological assessment is important for selection, placement, or promotion. Psychological assessment will explore basic competency (general ability, personality, and work pattern) which can help organization/ company to find and decide whether individual matches the requirements of certain position.

The company can also use psychological assessment to identify someone’s potential (strength and weakness) which is required to plan HR and organizational development, such as employee’s career management and teamwork development optimization. The company will get many benefits of applied psychology for industrial world and business development.

ERP conducts psychological assessment through the combination of psychological test, observation, and or interview. Through our psychological assessment, your organization or company will get description of someone’s general ability, work pattern and attitude, and emotional-social characteristics tendencies, in relation with work effectiveness. This information will be useful for organization and company to support accurate decision making in personnel management.

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